Diet, Exercise, and Energy

You need quality nutrition to keep up your overall energy level. However, there’s a lot of confusion about sugar and carbs.

With so much talk about so-called ‘bad carbs’, oats have been written off and cut from many diets. But the truth is, whole grain oats are a complex carbohydrate with nutritional benefits.

A bowl of cooked Quaker® Gluten Free Quick 1-Minute Oats breaks down to become energy that’s slowly absorbed by your body. And that means it’s energy that will last, while also providing a good source of thiamin, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Exercise does a body good

Woman Exercising wtih boy

Not only is exercise good for your body’s overall health, it can actually help you feel more energized.

Aerobic exercise can help you sleep better, while regular physical activity has been shown to offer significant improvements in your overall psychological well being.

But don’t limit yourself to a single workout routine. Experiment with different forms of exercise to see which ones appeal to you.

Health clubs and exercise machines are fine, but there are lots of other fun activities to get you moving.

Belly dancing, rowing, swimming, rock climbing, jumping rope, ballet core, or kickboxing can all be great workouts.

And by mixing up your workout, you’ll also be making sure you exercise different muscle groups each time.

Embrace the goodness around you.
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